Los Angeles, CA

My 4-week "visit"


Let’s be honest with each other. Who doesn't love LA? Artists and creative people enjoy it because they feel at home. They belong. Surrounded by like-minded individuals who support and admire their passions. Entrepreneurs like it because California as a whole screams opportunity and welcomes visionaries with a big smile and a gallon of fresh black coffee. And then there are the yogis, peacemakers, planet-lovers and vegan peeps. The social entrepreneurs. My categories and probably the reason why, after my 4-week raw vegan cuisine course was over (read about it here), I was not even close to being ready to leave. With its plantbased restaurants every other mile and yoga studios every other corner, LA had me at hello. Seriously!

Therefore, I felt the need to share my favorite spots with you in case you leave in California or are planning to visit, here they are.

Eco-friendly Vacation Cottage (Venice)

The cutest cottage I’ve ever stayed at! Completely designed and built with recycled and vintage materials, this solar powered cottage won my heart. Perfect for 1-2 people, it has a beautifully decorated bedroom, living room with fireplace and the most adorable kitchen. Its location is also very convenient. 3 blocks away from the famous Abbot Kenney Blvd, a 5-minute walk to the historic Venice Canal, and a 7-minute walk to Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Wicked Hair Salon (Venice)

Organic, natural and vegan! How amazing is that? In case you guys didn’t know, most beauty products are not only incredibly toxic for you and go directly into your bloodstream once applied, but they are also tested on animals before they reach store shelves. And by animals I mean all type of animals… dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, mice, etc. Therefore, whenever I find a beauty salon worth promoting, I HAVE to share it with you! Like immediately! <3 Carlynne, the owner, did my hair herself. Cut and highlights and I couldn’t be more in love with it! So... if you’re looking for a makeover that is kind to our planet and your health, this salon is the place!

TOMS Flagship Store (Venice):

Imagine a coffee shop, a boutique and philanthropy combined into one. That’s this place. I enjoyed the yummiest Almond Milk Cappuccinos while reading a book in their comfy “living” area and browsing through every fashion piece TOMS designed with their One For One concept. This coffee shop and store on Abbot Kenney is a definite must! In case you are not aware, for every coffee cup you buy, TOMS gives water to people in need, and for every pair of shoes or sunglasses you buy, TOMS gives free shoes and eye care to people in need.

Late Sunday Afternoon Flagship Store (Venice)

One of my favorite places!! This boho-looking store was built from scratch by its owners, Matthew and Thomas, and designed to attract every soul that believes in the power of energy, blessings and giving back. If you fit any of those categories, this place is for you. Here you’ll find scarves, ascots, and bandanas handmade by Matthew. Each piece with 4 knots in every corner to represent blessings of love, happiness, mystery and adventure. AND…for each one purchased, Matthew donates a handmade and blessed blankey to children without homes, and beds made from coffee bags and fabric scraps to Maeday Dog Rescue shelter.

Organic Nail & Spa Studio (Santa Monica):

Another beauty MUST! After not being able to use nail polish during the 4 weeks of the raw vegan cuisine course I was taking in LA, I paid this place a visit after graduation. :p Organic and vegan nail polishes and treatments! I got their mani & pedi package and absolutely loved it! They also have dozens of colors to choose from. Need I say more?