Los Tiempos- M de Mujer

August 13, 2015

Interview featured in Bolivia's newspaper "Los Tiempos" and the magazine "M de Mujer".

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Vegan, yogi, runner, philanthropist, adrenaline addict, adventure seeker and animal lover; that’s how Valeria Hinojosa describes herself and her blog, WaterThruSkin is living proof.

4 months ago Valeria Hinojosa, with a bachelor in International Business, was living the corporate life in the US. “That career was not what I saw myself chasing after and I did not want to continue living a life that did not connect with my values and passions. Unfortunately, private banking is a superficial and monotonous world and, with time, I discovered I wanted the opposite.” Therefore, Valeria decided to chase a new journey by starting her blog, where she radiates her true passions while inspiring her followers and readers.

Being a blogger started as a hobby while she was still in banking. “My blog is place where I can put my ideas, dreams and actions in written with the goal of inspiring people to live a balanced world; a world where we give as much or more than we receive, we understand that each of our actions affects everyone and everything around us including animals and nature, and that we only have one life meant to be lived fully while chasing what nourishes our soul. 5 months after I started the blog I received my first invitation to review an eco-friendly hotel in Costa Rica, which was followed by contracts with vegan and charity-loving brands. This made my decision of leaving the private banking world a little easier”, tells Valeria who lives in Miami and calls it her second home. “It’s a city with a Latin flavor that offers paradisiac views, a balanced life where I can paddleboard and teach yoga classes, and it’s also a perfect location to travel the world”, assures this Bolivian blogger.

Now, Valeria is focused on growing WTS and its YouTube eco-travel Channel, which are already flourishing. “In the next few months, I plan to travel and write about the holistic and eco-friendly aspects of the cultures of Bolivia, Thailand and Venezuela. During those trips, I also plan to visit the foundations I’ve been working with for the blog”, assures Valeria. The foundations, which she works with are “Save The Elephants” in Thailand; a foundation dedicated to rescuing elephants and other animals abused in circuses or by the society. “Yoga en Los Barrios”; a movement started by a friend to teach yoga in low income neighborhoods where violence takes over, with the purpose of inspiring these kids kindness and peace instead of aggression. “La Ventana De Los Cielos”; a foundation dedicated to helping kids with Down Syndrome and other special abilities to connect with nature and animals in a place where they have the freedom, love and support to be themselves”, assures Valeria.

She lives in a conscious manner.

WaterThruSkin is a blog with soul of its own that, through Valeria’s enriching experiences, inspires people to live consciously and always connected with the world and Mother Nature. “The focus of WTS is everything that inspires a conscious lifestyle that does not only feed our body but also our dreams, freedom and soul.”

In this blog, readers can find notes about philanthropic actions, yoga events, vegan recipes, fashion that is kind to our planet, and trips to holistic, eco-friendly and out of the ordinary hotels.

Ping Pong Q&A

A person you admire:

Richard Branson. He’s one of the few successful people that uses his fame and power to look for responsible ways to help heal this world.

A memory:

The last moments and words shared with my grandmother.  

What did you dream of being when you were young?


A saying:

“Life is one”

A bad habit:

Sometimes I daydream during conversations, which leads me to get lost in the middle of them and not pay attention to the people talking to me.

A place in this world you would like to get to know:

Australia. It has a strong conscious movement with an advanced eco-friendly design that goes in sync with my blog’s concept. Many of the organic and vegan brands I work with are Australian. But also because of the beauty of the nature that surrounds it.

The place that impacted you the most:

All the trips I’ve done have been very different and heart-stopping but the one I connected with the most was Guatemala. The eco-hotel I reviewed for the blog, Laguna Lodge, is located in the middle of Lake Atitlan.  To wake up and fall asleep to, and to swim in something that serene, dark and infinite made me see life a bit differently….freer, more at peace and fearless.

If you could have dinner with a person from history, who would it be and what would you ask?

Nelson Mandela. If he ever lost hope.

A book:

“Life. Love. Laughter” by Osho

The perfect night is….

One under the stars with a bottle of wine and my best friends

Sunday mornings are for:

Resting and doing different things or adventures without rushing.

A women is not complete without:

Her self-esteem

Love is:


The most important thing in a relationship is:

Honesty and respect

One of your passions?

The simple and beautiful moments and things in life.

A man MUST be:

Humble at heart and confident in himself to such an extend that he lets his partner be and become whatever she/he wishes to.

A transcendental moment in your life:

When I chose to follow my dreams and the things that I’m passionate about.

Friends are:

The real ones?...Family!

The key to staying in shape:

Vegan diet and yoga

The best advice you ever received:

Be yourself!


Your fashion icon:

I don’t have one but I base my fashion choices on brands that are responsibly changing the fashion industry and the materials they use like Harveys, Free People, Stella McCartney, Matt & Nat, and Melissa shoes.

Your everyday outfit:

Maxi dresses or denim shorts with a loose tank and lots of accessories.

You would never use:

Products made from animals (fur, leather, etc..)

An accessory that is a ‘must’ for you:

Rings and necklaces with healing cyrstals

How would you describe your style?

Hippie chic with a dose of boho.

A fashion item every woman should have in her closet:

Gladiator sandals

A beauty tip:

Natural is always better.