October 2017

Let’s talk Paris and Barcelona sustainably, shall we? Barcelona has always had my heart and Paris officially won it this October when I traveled there to attend a sutainable fashion show for Paris Fashion Week. Believe it or not, Paris and Barcelona are filled with vegan restaurants, ethical stores, and eco-friendly hotels making it very easy for conscious humans to stick to their mindful lifestyles while traveling! For that reason, I’ve decided to compile the below list of the green gems I had the opportunity to visit during my weeklong trip, and a few others that were recommend by some Parisian bloggers I adore (@slgconnection and @leotielovely are two of them!). I hope they become useful to you guys.


Sustainable Fashion Stores:

-Chez Warene Creations: a cute ethical store located on rue du Roi de Sicile where I found the cutest Parisian sweater that reads “Do What You Love” hand-painted and hand-sewn by @lyne._c, and a beautiful handmade and fairtrade clutch that gives jobs and opportunities to women in India designed by Parisian brand @hubbiel

-Les Rècupèrables: You’ll find beautiful upcycled EVERYTHING here.

-Dupleks: Store carrying lots of ethical brands

-Second hand shops: If you like vintage clothing, head to the Marais. You’ll be delighted by all the vintage stores and upcycled clothing.

Vegan restaurants & spots:

-Good Organic Only: a great place for those busy days where you crave something organic, vegan and healthy fast and to go! I tried there vegan Salami sandwich and the ginger shots. They also have non-vegan and pescatarian options.

-Wild & The Moon: my favorite restaurant in Paris! They had a wide variety of vegan and organic options: Matcha lattes, risotto, superfood bowls, nut cheeses, acai bowls, and yummy desserts. The restaurant was so cozy and sustainably decorated too, we simply didn’t want to leave!

-Juice Lab: Cute spot to get an acai bowl and green juices. 

-Other recommendations I received but didn’t have time to check out: Café Pinson, Lula Lifestyle, Le Galopin, Verjus, Bones.

Eco-friendly hotels:

-Hidden Hotel: Sustainably decorated and each room has its own yoga corner.

-Hotel Garvani: renewable energy, energy efficient heating, regulation of water flow in the showers, sorting of waste and fully organic breakfasts.


I could talk about Barcelona for hours! From the energy it irradiates the minute you set foot on its streets, to the plantbased restaurants in every corner, handmade fashion stores, and mindful events here and there. I travel to Barcelona at least 2 times per year and always make sure I stay at this sustainable hotel: Hostal Grau. I’ve written about it on my blog before, as well.  Why do I love Hostal Grau that much? Well, we can start with the anti-radiation paint used in the rooms, and end with the non-toxic coconut fiber mattress and their recycling programs! Their mattresses are the perfect combination of coconut coir (coconut fiber), natural latex from trees (non-toxic, sustainable and renewable) and organic cotton creating the most comfortable and natural sleeping experience ever. The furniture is vintage and the decor thrives on the presence of mirrors, nightstands and shelves made from old and recycled materials, like the mirrors which were made from old doors. The walls have a thick coat of non-toxic and anti-radiation paint reducing the radiation levels from wifi and plugs in each room and protecting every guest’s sleep and health. The bath products are natural and handmade, and so is the hotel’s aromatherapy. And, last but not least, they have recycling stations on each floor for glass, paper and plastic. A 1862 building transformed into a piece of sustainable heaven with 26 rooms and, by choosing to stay here, my way of protecting mother earth. That beautiful and simple!

Vegan restaurants & Spots:

-Espai Joliu: @espaijoliu is a must visit. Besides having lots of mouthwatering vegan options, desserts and a gorgeous sustainable decor, they also sell succulents and cacti and make the cutest animal-inspired cappuccinos with nut milks!

-Vegan Hot Dogs: The Dog is Hot is delicious for those late night cravings. They have tofu hot dogs that come with multigrain bread, veggies and fries or any topping you like!

-Hammock Juice Station: A plant-based “hammock” juice bar. And by “hammocks” I mean actual hammocks hanging around everywhere for its visitors to melt on. Coolest and yummiest place!

-Quinoa: Another plant-based spot in Barcelona where I devoured a tofu burger, a Spinach + Basil + Apple juice (so refreshing!) and a Coconut Cream + Apple cake. Petite bohemian restaurant but delightful!

-Flax and Kale: extremely famous flexitarian restaurant with many scrumptious vegan options.

-Manantial de Salud: store that sells natural products, holistic medicine, herbs and vegan products including ice cream and veggie burgers.

-Vega Raw Organic: a MUST! You’ll find everything vegan here! From kombucha to veggie burgers, ice cream, guacamole, vegan bread, etc. Try their vegan chocolate & hazelnut ice cream. To die for!