Kuna Boho Ethical Earrings

IMG_6228 rombo kuna embera azul.jpg
IMG_6228 rombo kuna embera azul.jpg

Kuna Boho Ethical Earrings

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Fair-trade, handmade, boho and supports artisans in Colombia. 

This earring uniquely combines two indigenous ancient techniques, the MOLA and the CHAKIRA.

Indigenous women from the Kuna community patiently elaborate a textile called MOLA, which is a colorful art form made with applied embroidery. The MOLA originated from Kuna women’s tradition of panting their bodies with geometrical figures which then evolved into clothing. Today, it is the inspiration for this unique design.

Indigenous women from the Embera Chami community use an embroidery technique and looms with crystal beads to elaborate the CHAKIRA beads on this design. The colors and forms have different meanings and grants distinction to the woman who wears it. Girls use smaller pieces and adult women bigger pieces to reflect their d


18K Gold Plated Bronze, MOLA and Chakira beads

Measurements:  3.50” long, 0.75” wide and weights 31 grams 

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