Eco-friendly Travel Kit


Eco-friendly Travel Kit

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Traveling the world has taught me one very important thing (besides a million others): travel kits are essential!!! Especially if you are chasing that conscious lifestyle! Most travel kits out there are cheap, full of plastic products, and made in China. Therefore, I've decided to partner with many of the brands I work with for the blog to create a Travel Kit that is 100% eco-friendly, natural, vegan, yogi-friendly and non-toxic. Everything you need for your trips in one little bag! I hope you babes enjoy it as much as I do! 


-Sleeping Mask: ethically made in the US with organic cotton, Bamboo silk and natural non-toxic dyes.

-Socks: ethically made out of US recycled textiles most humans throw in the trash and end up in our landfills. Clothing is not biodegradable so recycling that fabric is the solution. These socks are a WTS-exclusive edition with the hashtag #liveconsciously. 

-Aromatherapy Kit of 3: Natural, organic and vegan essential oils. For sleeping aid, brain power, and perfume. 

-Facial Mist: made with organic essential oils and crystals charged by the moon. 

-Face and Hair oil: made with vegan, organic and natural ingredients.

-Gum: natural, non-toxic, vegan and made with organic ingredients. No BS here!

-Bamboo Tooth Brush: We all know the effects of plastic on our planet and how it's not biodegradable. This travel-size toothbrush is made from renewable bamboo and biodegradable fibers

-Bag: Made with cotton and non-toxic waterbased ink. 

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