WTS' first "Conscious Lifestyle" Retreat!!!


Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat

January 2016

My dream has finally come true guys! Traveling the world for an entire year looking for eco-friendly, vegan and yogi-friendly hotels to promote on the blog made me wonder about one day teaching my first Conscious Lifestyle & Wellness Retreat at one of these hotels. I wanted you babes to get the opportunity to experience firsthand what it feels like to visit hotels surrounded by nature where your soul gets to disconnect from ordinary life duties, your body receives the relaxation it has been longing for, your mind finds some peace and quiet, and your health is restored once and for all. There's honestly no feeling like it. Not only that, but trips like these make you connect with mother nature and its animals on a different level. A deeper, more personal, full of respect and grace, type of level. To give you guys this experience, I created a 5-day package at the first hotel I reviewed for the blog 1.5 years ago -Asclepios- that included everything I aim at inspiring through the blog: yoga, meditation, vegan food, eco-friendly & charity-loving products, and holistic medicine. And... so it happened!! Our days started with a morning meditation class in the middle of nature guided by me, followed by a delicious organic breakfast offered by the hotel, continued with holistic spa treatments or outdoor adventures like zip-lining and waterfall walks, and ended with an amazing power yoga class taught by me under the stars with candles surrounding us, glowsticks in our arms, and to the  beats of an amazing DJ. It was magical. One of kind. Unique experience. There were tears of joy, hugs, smiles, and more hugs. I even got to teach everyone about the wonders of a vegan diet and some easy and yummy plantbased recipes! Each participant also got a goodie bag with eco, charity-oriented, vegan and cruelty-free products. I wouldn't change this experience for anything and I'm so grateful to all the beautiful souls who trusted me enough to let me open their minds a little to this crazy yet amazing WaterThruSkin life! Each person with their own inspiring traits, you've all left a mark in my heart. 

I'm also eternally grateful to my planet-loving sponsors. My life or this blog would not be the same without you, your respect towards our earth and your incredible products!! 

Here are a few photos of the retreat. I hope you babes enjoy them and SIGN UP for the next one!! YES!!! I've received so many requests already that I decided to offer the second retreat!! The date and location are not yet final but we're planning on having it during the last week of April or first week of May. Make sure you fill out the contact form below to be placed on the list to receive every detail once it's final. :)

Love ya, awesome human beings!!!

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